Fractalmind’s music can be described as a collage of heavy guitar riffs and intricate rhythm patterns with subtle acoustic sounds and melodies. The sonic experience is deepened with thought-provoking lyrics, which invite us embark on a journey to inner self.

This is where the idea for the band’s name came from in the first place – fractals, seemingly chaotic structures that are in reality infinitely looped, perfect creations, as well as the mind, that gives birth to our every thought, serve as an ideal description of band’s music. The density of  music experience might seem challenging at first,  but after some time listeners are rewarded and discover hidden dimensions the music offers. Those who enjoy heavy guitar sounds, yet are looking for something more complex and multilayered, for sure will find Fractalmind’s music interesting.

The beginnings of Fractalmind go back to 2004, when two high school friends, Jarek Jaśkowiak and Igor Wilczek rehearsed at home and started looking for other musicians to join the band. That was also the moment the first ideas for songs were born.

Over the years, the band has gone through a number of personal changes.  It’s music has become more mature and technically advanced. Their first album ‚Drugie Ja’, released in 2010, received very positive feedback from the fans, but due to Polish lyrics, did not reach international audience.

In 2012 the band was joined by Marcin Walczak, a new lead singer. Marcin’s superb vocal abilities carved a completely new path for further band’s sonic explorations. The same year the band entered the studio to record their second album. The experience gained with the first recording made the band grow up musically, which was reflected by the new material. The recording took almost three years, and finally Fractalmind’s second album was released on 20th June 2016.

Currently the band is promoting ‚Stainless’ album and writing new material for their third release, planned for autumn 2017.